Details Of v6.0.0

Release Notes


Release Date: 05th June, 2023


  • Online client monitoring zone subzone custom filtering updated.
  • Data loading performance improved [For Mobile Apps].
  • MACReseller dashboard api updated [For Mobile Apps].
  • Authenticate User Information Fetch API changed for web API [For Mobile Apps].
  • MACReseller received bill api updated with daily bill collection as a approved bill.
  • Admin & MACReseller clients add, edit & import page code optimization.
  • Client search web API of bill collection module improved [For Mobile Apps].
  • MACReseller Tariff Package Edit with Loader and double click validation added.
  • Searching improved in macreseller list with mobile number, reseller code, name, contact person.
  • getMoneyReceipt API updated with NEW money receipt template [For Mobile Apps].
  • Bulk Admin client data import service & data validation checker service optimized.

  • Company name, mobile number added as new column in MACReseller list.
  • NEW money receipt HTML template design completed for POS.
  • MACReseller Tariff Delete with permission completed.
  • MACReseller Tariff Package Delete with permission completed.
  • MACReseller Debited Transactions API completed [For Mobile Apps].
  • MACReseller Debited Transaction Histories API completed [For Mobile Apps].
  • MACReseller Client Recharge Transactions API completed [For Mobile Apps].
Bug Fixes

  • Balance due issue fixed in API [For Mobile Apps].
  • MACReseller total running, enabled, & disabled client number issue fixed.
  • Permission issue fixed in Bill Collection API and Client Monitoring API.
  • Zone & Subzone assigning issue fixed from billing list(without permission).
  • Assign to employee and Remove Assigned Customers Permission Issue Fixed.
  • Bill Receive & Collection Modal design, filed miss-match and Data posting issue resolved.
  • MACReseller Tariff False edit attempt issue resolved.
  • Admin FlexValue save with space & tab data issue resolved.
  • Bulk admin clients import with Zone name issue resolved.
  • MACReseller Tariff edit, delete modal visibility with loader issue fixed.
  • Bandwidth Reseller daily bill auto complete issue resolved.
  • MACReseller funding BillPayment last update by and date issue resolved.